Following are specific solutions we can provide.

  • Are your projects a mess, often late and over budget? You need a system−part software and part human−that allows team members to spend time inventing the future, not scrambling around to figure out project status. Read about project management systems.
  • Do your engineers seem like they don’t care? They need to know three things: your expectations, how to tell they are meeting them, and that their work makes a difference. This applies at the project level and the enterprise level.
  • Do you spend too much time doing things by hand? You need to automate tasks with software. The third time you find yourself stepping through a task is the time to write some code.
  • Do you need software but find yourself lost in the possibilities? You need a requirements specification.
  • Do you need to get your message to smart phones? You need a site built in HTML5.
  • Do you have a Web site and no staff to maintain it? You need a part time IT staff.
  • Do your engineers built unmaintainable Web applications? You need a framework.
  • Do you need to be on Facebook? You need a Facebook Page, Open Graph tags on your existing Web site and user account integration.
  • Do you need to know what your users are doing? You need an analytics engine.
  • Do you want your users to remix your content? You need an API.
  • Do you want to share your software with the world? You need an open source license and a plan.