Eighteen Intelligence is a loosely-coupled organization of highly-cohesive Internet veterans led by Leon Atkinson. Leon spent the first part of his career as an executive in three Web-focused firms where he learned how to make customers successful through the strategic leverage of technology. In 2010, he combined his experience and a vision of the future to form a new consultancy.

Our Mission

Eighteen Intelligence embraces the mission of freeing people from unnecessary constraints through the development of Internet applications. We do this through the relentless pursuit of truth, independence and joy. [read more]

Our Team

Our organization is deep in experience and light in hierarchy. We seek to remain agile so we can provide the exact service you need and nothing more. You won’t find overhead cooked into our rates to pay for our parties. You also won’t find shoddy work below a shiny exterior. We produce great work because we love what we do, and we aim to make you look good. [read more]