We are experts in Internet engineering. Leon wrote the first book about PHP and has been building Internet applications since 1994.


It might seem obvious that we know HTML, but don’t take for granted that a Web development agency has mastered the use of semantic HTML. Our default position is to build well-formed HTML that can adapt to whatever the user experience design demands. When marketing needs change, the content can change just as quickly. When using HTML, we find ourselves providing the following services.

  • Implementation of look and feel from Photoshop mockups, leveraging CSS
  • Using HTML5 to enhance user experience
  • Supporting legacy browsers such as MSIE 6
  • Optimizing for fast load times


Our founder wrote Core PHP Programming, published in 1999, the first book about PHP available in the United States.


Our founder also wrote Core MySQL in 2001, a book endorsed by MySQL AB itself. We understand relational database theory, when to bend the rules and when to head off into data warehouse land. We also have significant experience with Oracle’s RDBMS and Microsoft’s SQL Server.


Javascript frameworks have been making development easy in the past few years. We’ve used Yahoo’s YUI library and jQuery to great effect.