Software systems grow exponentially complex. We take pride in being quick to learning new systems and leveraging their strengths.

Zend Framework

We used homegrown frameworks to build LAMP apps when none were publicly available. Today, we use Zend Framework and CakePHP to build powerfully and rapidly. We also understand how to customize WordPress and Drupal for situations where you need a CMS (content management system).

Facebook API

We’ve been coding applications since Facebook first made their API available. We’ve also dabbled with Open Social on MySpace.

Yahoo YUI

Javascript frameworks make knocking out slick UI a snap. We’ve built several projects with YUI. The datatable widget is really nice. We’ve also used jQuery and Google Maps.

Other APIs

Google AnalyticsKISSmetricskontagentmixpanelWe also have experience integrating with Zencoder‘s service for transcoding videos.We’ve implemented analytics on sites using Google Analytics, KISSmetrics, Kontagent and Mixpanel.